How do I turn off notifications for a noisy Post?

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To turn off notifications for a post that is generating numerous unwanted notifications, please follow these steps:

For the Browsers or Desktop Apps:

1) Move to the “Private Team” or “Open Forum” Post view and scroll to the noisy Post if not visible

2) Verify that notifications are on for the noisy Post (if the bell icon appears below the Post – notifications are ON for that post):


3) Hover over the post and click the icon with the 3 vertical dots next to the noisy Post (right side) and select “Subscribe” to toggle the Subscribe option Off/On:


After selecting this option, you should see the bell icon disappear from the bottom of the Post (just above the comments):


NOTE: You should not receive any new notifications unless you add a comment to this post or are specifically @mentioned in a comment of this post.


For the Phone Apps:

Move to the “Open Forum” or “Private Team” containing the noisy Post, select the Ellipsis Icon (…) and select “Posts” from the dropdown menu

Follow steps 2 and 3 above to turn off notificatons