Posts – What do all of those dropdown options do?

Team Ryver Posts, Reference

You can do a lot with Posts!

This article goes over each of the action buttons available when you are viewing a post on a POSTS tab or in the main POST STREAM.

Looking for info on the dropdown options in the POSTS tab? Check out this article.


Description of each action button:

Vote Buttons Vote Buttons: Most of the time, we just use the up vote button as a “thumbs up” gesture. The down button is handy for when you want to create a post to perform a poll.

Comment Button Comment: The comment button just puts your cursor down in the “Reply” textbox so you can start typing your comment. Use it when there are a whole bunch of comments and you don’t feel like scrolling down. 🙂

Subscribe Button Subscribe to Notifications: If you create a post, you are automatically subscribed to notifications of any added comments or votes. If you comment on somebody else’s post, you are automatically subscribed as well. Use this button to unsubscribe from a post, or to manually subscribe to a post that you haven’t participated in yet. Note: You can also subscribe to a team or forum on the PROFILE tab, which will automatically subscribe you to all posts created in that team or forum.

reminder-button Set Reminder: Have you ever clicked on a notification to read a post, then realized it was way to long to read “now” because you were in a hurry? Click the Reminder button and we will send you a notification later to remind you to check out the post. There is also a reminder button for each comment, in case you want the notification to link directly to a particular comment on the post. By default, we send the notification an hour after you click the reminder button, but you can change the duration in Notification Settings.

Link Button Get Link: Clicking this button will pop up a URL that you can use to reference this post in other parts of the application. For example, in chat, or from a comment on another post. When people click the link, this post will slide in for them to view (as long as they have access to the team/forum in which the post resides).

Edit Post Button Edit Post: This button will only be enabled for the creator of the post, or the system admin. Use it to edit the post content or add/remove attachments.

Delete Post Button Delete Post: This button will only be enabled for the creator of the post, or the system admin. Use it to completely delete the post and any attached comments.