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Understanding the toolbar actions for POSTS


POSTS toolbar

The POSTS tab toolbar actions explained:

Refresh ButtonRefresh: The POSTS view will generally update in real-time, showing new posts and comments as they take place. However, there are exception cases, such as when you have a temporary internet outage upstream. If you suspect your POSTS view is not “current”, just click this button.

Expand/Collapse ButtonExpand/Collapse Mode: Ryver supports two viewing modes for Posts. The default expanded mode shows the entire post, plus the latest three comments (you can click a link to load the rest of the comments). In the collapsed mode, you see a summary of the post, plus a comments count, allowing you to quickly browse through the posts, looking for the one you want. You can expand/collapse individual posts using the arrow button under the author’s avatar.

Posts Sort ButtonSort Posts: The default Create Date sort mode always shows the most recently created post at the top of the POSTS stream. If you switch to sorting by Modify Date, we will sort by most recently edited OR most recently commented on post. So you can also view sorting by modify date as sorting by most recent activity.

Add Post Button

Add Post: You’ll notice a pattern in Ryver where we determine a “primary action” on each toolbar and make that button a text button so that it stands out more. On the POSTS tab, that action is Add Post.

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