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Hello, and welcome to the Ryver Tasks private beta! This article will provide a brief overview of the features in this new, work-in-progress, offering. Once the beta is over, Ryver Team Tasks is going to become a “premium” service. Personal Tasks will actually be rolled into the free team communication service level. If you end up deciding that the team-based collaborative task functionality is not for you right now, we will simply disable access after the beta and trial periods are over, but the data will remain, should you opt to purchase the service down the road. We look forward to getting your feedback!

Tasks for teams – Get work done!

In this initial beta rollout, you will see a new TASKS sub-tab in your private teams, with the focus being on getting work done, not just talking about it! In a future update, we will also offer the option to create “personal tasks” just for yourself. You will also see a TASK STREAM tab in the navigation bar. This is just a roll-up view of the tasks you have access to in your private teams.

When a team admin selects the TASKS tab on a team for the first time, they will see an option to configure tasks based on a template, copy the setup from another team, or manually set tasks up.

Note: We only have a few placeholder templates in the Private Beta at the moment, but will be adding on shortly.

If you opt to do your own custom configuration, you first need to choose from simple list mode or “board” mode. you can then select Mange Tags from the top ellipses menu when on the TASKS tab to add color-coded tags for your team:

Simple Lists

Simple lists work like most basic ToDo apps, but in Ryver you can assign the tasks to multiple people at once (they must be part of the private team). Check off tasks as they get completed, and the use the “Archive Completed” or “Archive All” to clean up the list.

Note: You can drag/drop to order the tasks in the list!

Task Boards

Task boards show tasks as cards in a set of columns representing categories. You can also use boards for managing task workflow, such as with an agile project management process. Drag cards up or down to prioritize them, and from column to column to change categories.

OOPS! There is a bug in the current Private Beta where dragging/moving a Category column will appear to delete all of the task cards in that column. They’re not really gone! You’ll just need to refresh your browser tab or do View > Reload in the desktop client to get them back.


Note: When creating (or editing) a category, there is a setting to automatically complete any tasks moved to that category. Multiple categories on the same task board can have this designation.


With the late May update to Ryver Tasks, we introduced enhanced support for “Tags”. You can now create a set of pre-defined tags for your forums and teams, and customize the coloring. Click on the ellipses button in the top header while you are on a forum or team and select “Manage Tags”:

These pre-defined tags will show up below the Tags field on the Add/Edit views for tasks, where you can simply click the pills to add them to your task.

Note: We also provide auto-complete for these tags in Chat, Comments and Posts when you type a #.

Task Filtering

When you are on the TASKS sub-tab for your team, click the ellipses button in the top header and select “Filter Tasks” to open a side panel where you can filter by assignees and/or tags. We will be adding additional filtering options, but wanted to get the feature rolled out so you can start using it now.

Personal Tasks

Personal tasks work just like team tasks, except only you can see them. You will find a menu option to open your personal tasks in the bottom nav bar menu. Just like with team tasks, you can manage your personal tasks as a “board” or a simple list. Unlike team tasks, you cannot assign your personal tasks to anybody.

Task Stream

In the left nav bar, you will see a tab called TASK STREAM. This is a rollup of tasks from all of the tasks you have access to in your teams and personal tasks. Note the drop-down filter option at the top, where we provide several convenient filters for seeing all tasks assigned to you, created by you, assigned to somebody else, or created by somebody else.

Turn communication into action

What sets Ryver apart as a cloud-based task management service is the fact that it is has powerful, dynamic team communication built in.

Chat is a great replacement for herding people into a conference room, or slowly communicating via email. But before the the light bulb moment chat messages disappear into the chat history, click the Create Task button in the hover menu for a message and attach one or more messages to a transcript on a task.

Posts allow you to express more complex ideas that would make for overly long chat messages, and they facilitate threaded discussion. These more detailed and/or longer discussions often provide context for multiple tasks that need to be done. When you create a task from a post or comment, Ryver not only attaches that context to the task in the form of a transcript, but also gives you a simple button-click in the transcript to get back to the original post from your task list or board.

Task links in your chat messages, comments or posts allow you to refer to tasks by ID and automatically provide a link for people to quickly get to the task details.

When a prefix is defined, Ryver will auto-generate an ID for each task. When you start typing a task ID in chat, posts and comments (starting with a #), you will get auto-complete to verify you are referencing the right task.

Note: This feature is available if your Team Admin has created a task ID prefix for your team’s TASKS tab (via Task Settings). We’ll be looking into providing links to tasks that don’t have IDs as well.

Admins: Task Prefixes must be 5 alphanumeric characters or fewer. We’ll be adding validation to that field in the settings soon.

More to come

We are rapidly making changes to this UI, fixing bugs, and adding more features. Mobile support should arrive during the second week of June. Thanks for being part of the early beta process and helping to shape this product!