Generate a Signup URL

Team Ryver Admin, API

We have received a lot of requests for a way to invite people into a Ryver account without sending out invites. Besides using our Invite API, we have rolled out a preview version of a new feature to generate signup URLs. It is currently only available by chat commands, and only allows you to invite members (not guests).

As a Ryver Admin, if you go to DIRECT MESSAGES and select Eddy Bot, there are two “slash” commands available: /signup-create and /signup-list.

/signup-create allows you to generate a URL for either a wide open signup process, or one that limits signup to users with one or more specified email domains.


/signup-create, "Example Signup"

signup-link response

The “–domains” parameter is optional. If you leave that off, anybody with the link can sign up and become a member. The “Example Signup” text serves both as your URL description when you issue the /signup-list command, and also is displayed at the top of the signup form when people browse to that link.

Signup Page from generated URL

Type /signup-list to see all of the URLs you have generated, and delete them via the link under the Action column.

A work in progress…

In our next iteration, we will add Admin notification/approval for new signups, and provide the ability to specify a set of forums/teams to automatically join users to for each link. This will allow you to define different links for different roles in your organization. We will also look into adding guest support.

Once the above is done and available via chat commands, we will add a proper UI for this feature.