Ryver User Guide (Notifications)

User Guide: Notifications

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In-app Notifications New Chat Messages Ryver’s system of highlighting “channels” that have new messages is similar to most other team-communication platforms on the market. Ryver has 3 channel types that are Forums, Teams, and People. Bold text and a red bubble () next to any of these channel items (see below) means that there are new chat messages since the …

Ryver News Streaming

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News Streaming (formerly named the “Watcher” tool) is a great way to monitor social media mentions, news articles, and RSS feed content right inside of Ryver. As new posts and articles are created in social media, the news, or RSS feeds, previews of the articles are posted to the Chat space in your designated Forum or Team. This feature can be accessed from …

Creating Open Forums

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Open Forums are where you communicate openly with groups of people in Ryver. Openly, because all member users in your Ryver account have access to all of the forums. A forum might represent a department in your company, a project that needs to be completed, or even a topic of common interest such as a programming language or healthy eating. If you need …