Ryver News Streaming

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News Streaming (formerly named the “Watcher” tool) is a great way to monitor social media mentions, news articles, and RSS feed content right inside of Ryver. As new posts and articles are created in social media, the news, or RSS feeds, previews of the articles are posted to the Chat space in your designated Forum or Team. This feature can be accessed from …

Integrate with Google Sheets & Forms through Webhooks

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This article will provide the Google Apps Script code necessary to have your Google Sheets (and Google Forms) push content directly into Ryver. Our example involves creating a Google Sheet, and then a corresponding Google Form that can be used to ask people what integrations they would like to see with our product. When somebody submits a form, it populates …

Custom Webhooks

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The “custom” webhook type allows you to transform the output of another product’s outbound webhook into Ryver’s incoming webhook format. Transformation templates are based on the JsonTransform format with string values interpolated using the Liquid template language. Both JsonTransform and Liquid support JsonPath expressions for easy extraction of data from the incoming payload. JsonPath can be used anywhere a normal Liquid variable …

API: Incoming Webhooks

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Note: Webhooks have moved from the Admin Settings to the Integrations Menu Intro Use Incoming Webhooks to create new chat messages, topics or tasks in Ryver just by sending a plain text or JSON payload to a URL over HTTPS. Webhooks are a commonly used for implementing integrations with other products and services. You can use markdown to format the …

Creating a Topic from Email (Zapier Integration)

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Note: This article shows how to create a topic by forwarding an email to a custom email address provided by Zapier. This particular zap is geared towards non-Gmail email users. If you are a Gmail user and want to manually make a post from an email, check out our Chrome Plugin! Also with Gmail and Zapier, you can do a direct …

API: Creating a forum chat message

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The good news on the Ryver APIs is that we built the product from the ground-up to be API-based. Our client is a single-page JavaScript application, so all server communication is through our APIs. Our Zapier app is also written using our Web Service APIs. The bad news is that we are still a few weeks out from having built-in webhook …

Ryver Technical Guide (Slack Import Tool)

Slack Import FAQ

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Q: Where do I find the Slack to Ryver import tool? A: In the Settings menu at the bottom of the Ryver left navigation bar. You must be a Ryver Admin to access this menu item. Q: What data does the Slack to Ryver import bring over from Slack? A: All users, open channels, and channel messages, files, and posts. …

Ryver Technical Guide (External Integrations)

Integrate Ryver with Other Apps

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Ryver + Zapier = 2,000+ integrations! You can integrate Ryver with over 2,000 other applications by creating “zaps” using the Zapier automation service. You can choose from thousands of existing zaps, or create your own. Visit Zapier’s Ryver page to get started, or choose from some of the popular zaps below: