Turn Chat Messages into Topics

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Have you ever had something come up in chat that you either wanted to share to another chat room or convert into a threaded discussion? Enter the Create Topic feature in Ryver! When you hover over a chat message, a toolbar pops up. Click the Ellipses and then select Create Topic… Select whether you want to copy just a single message or multiple …

Ryver Technical Guide (External Integrations)

Integrate Ryver with Other Apps

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Ryver + Zapier = 2,000+ integrations! You can integrate Ryver with over 2,000 other applications by creating “zaps” using the Zapier automation service. You can choose from thousands of existing zaps, or create your own. Visit Zapier’s Ryver page to get started, or choose from some of the popular zaps below:

What makes Topics “powerful”?

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What makes topics “powerful”?  When we talk about the importance, and the power of topics, we’re not down-playing the importance and usefulness of chat. In fact, most of our in-house 1:1 communication in Ryver is done with chat. However, making good use of topics in a team setting has some significant advantages over a pure chat product: Threaded Discussion In …

Ryver User Guide (Message Formatting)

Formatting Text in Chat, Topics, & Tasks

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Ryver uses a simple formatting syntax for Chat, Topics, Task descriptions, and Comments. It is a subset of Markdown, a common way of styling text on the web. It provides plain text formatting that is easy to read and write, while also supporting reliable conversion to valid HTML. TIP: Within the Ryver app, a formatting “cheat sheet” is accessible within …