Generate a Signup Link

Team Ryver Admin, API

Update: There is now a UI for this feature in Admin Settings! More details coming soon…

We have received a lot of requests for a way to invite people into a Ryver account without sending out invites. Besides using our Invite API, we have rolled out a preview version of a new feature to generate signup URLs.

As a Ryver Admin, if you go to DIRECT MESSAGES and select Eddy Bot, there are two “slash” commands available: /signup-create and /signup-list.

/signup-create allows you to generate a URL for either a wide open signup process, or one that limits signup to users with one or more specified email domains.


/signup-create, "Example Signup"

signup-link response

The “–domains” parameter is optional. If you leave that off, anybody with the link can sign up and become a member. The “Example Signup” text serves both as your URL description when you issue the /signup-list command, and also is displayed at the top of the signup form when people browse to that link.

Signup Page from generated URL

Type /signup-list to see all of the URLs you have generated, and delete them via the link under the Action column.