Team Ryver Release Notes

Important Note!

Please make sure you get the latest desktop clients, browser plugin and iOS client (iOS beta customers) here:

Native Apps and Browser Plugins 

What’s New

  • New desktop clients: We have new desktop clients for Mac and Windows, with support for multiple-ryver accounts! And you no longer need to download a new version of the app for each server upgrade we do. See the link above.
  • You can now assign other members to be a Team Admin on the Teammates tab.
  • It is now possible to “Pin” members and teams in the left nav bar from the Members and Teams list views.
  • Newly invited members are now auto-joined to any Full Access teams.
  • When there is new chat activity in a pinned team or member chat room, that nav bar tab will float to the top of the list. There is a user preference to turn this off if you don’t like it.
  • Various bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • Apple Mac Users: We are seeing some intermittent issues re-connecting to the chat server upon waking a Mac computer from sleep. You might see some screen “flashing” and multiple reconnect attempts up on waking your computer.