Team Ryver Release Notes

What’s New

Please make sure you get the latest desktop clients, browser plugin and iOS client (iOS beta customers) here:

Native Apps and Browser Plugins 

Look and Feel

We removed a lot of wasted space on our Chat and Notification views so that you can more quickly and efficiently scan your messages and alerts. The font size has also been increased a couple of points.

Comment Attachments!

At last…you can now add attachments to your comments. We know you’ve been waiting for this. 🙂


  • If a chat message fails to send, we will now display an exclamation point that you can click to retry.
  • You can now reply by email to a chat offline email notification. Previously, you could only do comments as email replies.
  • No more irritating refresh/flash when you enter a comment, or when somebody else adds a comment while you are typing one.
  • In the desktop apps, you can now pin the multi-account switcher so that it is always visible.

Known Issues we’re looking into

  • Microsoft Edge Browser (Windows 10) compatibility issues.