Team Ryver Release Notes


Check out the new Integrations menu item under the top help menu in the left nav bar. It links to our new Zapier integrations page, where you can see our growing list of “guided” zaps. Additionally, create your own zaps with 500+ products!

Read more about our Zapier integrations here: Integrating Ryver with other Apps

Slack Import Tool

This feature is for new customers. We now support doing an initial migration from Slack to Ryver, bringing across all Users, Channels, and Channel messages and files.

New Manage Users View

Manage Users (another Admin feature) is now part of the app, rather than a separate window. You can now search for users in this view, and you will now be able to manage users from your phone (pending iOS App Store approval).

Editing Forums and Teams

We added an edit button in the blue title bar for any forum or team in which you have edit rights. People weren’t finding their way to the edit button on the PROFILE tab, so hopefully this will improve that experience.

Bug fix: Changing a teammate role

We fixed the bug where you couldn’t save changes to a user’s role when managing teammates on the TEAMMATES tab.

Bug Fix: Timezone Issue

Selecting (UTC+11:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney as your user profile time zone will no longer cause an error.