Release through 794

Team Ryver Release Notes

v1.0.0.794 Minor Update

  • New labels in nav bar based on feedback that it was unclear Teams are private and Forums are open to all members. Also changed “Users” to “Direct Messages” to be more in line with other popular messaging apps.
  • Developers – The new theme for code snippets is “GitHub”.
  • Fixed issue where @mentions and #tags didn’t play well with punctuation.
  • Fixed issue where long Forum/Team names would push the Pin button off the right side of the list view.

v1.0.0.791 Minor Update

  • HipChat import now deals with API rate limiting on the HipChat side for large imports.
  • Improved support for some Eastern European characters such as ü in hashtags.

Special Characters in Hashtag

v1.0.0.789 Minor Update

  • Fixed issue on POSTS tab where somebody else up/down-voting or editing a post would refresh the view, losing your place and any comment you may be in the process of typing.
  • On newer versions of Chrome, user avatars would occasionally fail to render. This should now be addressed.
  • Fixed issue where somebody would add you to a Team or Forum while you were actively using Ryver, and the chat history wouldn’t show up until you refreshed the app.
  • The User chat view should no longer tell you that somebody is typing when they are actually typing a chat message in a different chat room.

v1.0.0.786 Minor Update

  • Addressed incompatibility with v48 of Google Chrome, where chat room history would not be scrollable.
  • Fixed issue where adding a line with three back ticks followed by text in a chat message would cause the chat history prior to that message to not load.
  • Adjusted styling so that certain embedded previews look better (ScreenCast for example)

v1.0.0.767 Minor Update

Our 767 build is a minor update that contains the following fixes on top of all of the things listed below for the 763 build:

  • Forum @mentions now work for ALL member users, not just the ones who have joined the forum. When you @mention a member who has not yet joined the forum, they will now get a notification, and the forum will be auto-pinned for them in the left navigation bar. (766 build)
  • Line wrapping of sentences in chat, posts and comments now look much better in Firefox. (766 build)
  • Linking to a Post from a chat message will once again show the formatted embed, as opposed to just the blue link text. (766 build)
  • Fixed bug where the /post chat command would sometimes show up multiple times in the list of slash commands. (766 build)
  • Fixed intermittent issue with inviting multiple guests at once and getting a 409 error message. (767 build)

v1.0.0.763 Major Update

Our top customer-driven features in this update are Sticky Posts, Code Snippet Formatting and improved multi-select of chat messages. We also have a number of other fixes and improvements:

Sticky Posts

Keep important announcements, instructions for new Teammates, or links to key documents at the top of your POSTS tab for easy reference.

Account and Team Admins can now click a checkbox at the bottom of the Add/Edit views for Posts to make them “Sticky” at the top of the POSTS tab.

Edit Post Sticky

By default, Sticky Posts will be in collapsed mode so they don’t take up too much space.

Sticky Post Collapsed

You can easily click to expand them, and they are always on-hand at the top of the post stream!

Sticky Post Expanded

Code Snippets (Syntax Highlighting)

We now automatically detect 30 popular languages when you insert three back ticks on a line before and after your code snippet in Chat, Posts or Comments. Please let us know if your language of choice is not auto-detected. We can add more!

Code Snippets

Improved Chat Multi-Select

Ryver chat supports selecting multiple chat messages and promoting them as a transcript in a POST for sharing and/or starting a threaded discussion.

Enable Chat Multi-select

Previously, we did multi-select on a per chat bubble basis. The selection is now per-message:

New chat multi-select

Other Fixes/Improvements

Admins can now delete posts/comments created by other users

Fixed error when invoking “Add Post” view from the chat /post command.

Chat embeds now displayed full width for better use of available space.

chat embed