Types of users in Ryver

Team Ryver Members, Users


There are two types of users in Ryver: Members and Guests. Both user types can be found in the main Users tab in the navigation bar. All users can participate on teams and forums, as well as in one-to-one (1:1) communication with other users. Deciding which type of user to make somebody depends on your own privacy requirements.


Members are typically members of your organization. These users can…

  • Access ALL forums.
  • Only access teams they create or are invited to.
  • Create their own teams and forums.
  • See and do 1:1 communication with all of the other members in the Users list, as well as any guests they are in a forum or team with.


Guests are often temporary members of your organization, consultants, or clients. The restrictions are:

  • Only have access to forums or teams they are invited to.
  • Can only see and do 1:1 communication with any member or guest users who are on one or more teams/forums with them.
  • They are not allowed to create teams or forums.