Update for Feb 2, 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this maintenance update:

  • Organization Owner Role: If you are the Organization owner, you can now hand off that owner role to another Admin from Admin Settings > Manage Users. When you select the Change Role action for a user, you will now see Owner as one of the options IF that user is already an Admin. For non-admin users, you’ll need to change their role to Admin first, then you can make them an Owner. The key difference right now between Admins and Owners is that nobody else can update the owner’s user record, change their role, or de-activate them.
  • FreeConference moved: Starting a FreeConference call is now moved to a chat command-line option only. Type the / key and then start typing the word free, and you will see the autocomplete come up for /freeconference. Just hit enter and it will start your call or bring up the integration settings if you haven’t set it up. We have done this in preparation for introducing our own completely integrated voice chat feature, which we plan to introduce this Spring.
  • New Forum Notifications: Member notifications that a new forum has been created should be working again.
  • Trello Import: Fixed imports into Open Forums, where it did not ask you to map users, and archived tasks were showing as active.
  • Manage Tags in Forums: Fixed issue where defining tag colors was not working in forums.
  • Topic URL attachments: Fixed problem where using the paperclip button on a topic to attach a YouTube video link would not show the video preview.

Note: New mobile builds are being released at the time of the update. It might take 24 to 48 hours to roll out completely.