Update for Monday, July 30 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

This update brings lots of little usability improvements, admin settings, and new preferences in My Settings. We also area applying some performance-related changes to our servers.

Video and Screen Share:

  • The Video and Screen Share feature is now available to all paying customers!

Admin Settings:

  • Improved Signup Links: Under Admin Settings > Signup Links, you can generate signup links (URLs) that you can send to people or post on your intranet. Create different links depending on user role, with default teams and forums defined per link.
  • Manage Forum > Roles: You can now edit which forum members are Admins, and remove the current forum Admin. This means the forum creator no longer has to remain as the admin, or even remain joined to the forum.
  • Admin Settings > Disable Voice: Don’t want your users to be using the new voice chat feature? This can be disabled organization-wide.
  • Admin Settings > File Uploads: Hide Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox from the attachments upload list.
  • Manage Team/Forum > Tags: You can now re-order the pre-defined tags in your forums and teams using the arrows on the left side of each tag in the list.

My Settings:

  • Preferences > Navigation > Text Size: Change the text size in your Ryver client. This setting is currently local, meaning you can have different text sizes for each browser, desktop or mobile client.
  • Preferences > Chat > Compact Mode: You can now choose from the standard chat layout, or opt for a more compact mode that doesn’t show the user avatar.
  • Notifications > General > Confirm…: By default, we ask you if you are sure you want to delete a notification from the NOTIFICATIONS view. you can now toggle off this confirmation dialog to make your notification delete process faster.


  • You can now choose an exact date/time for a reminder, in addition to setting the reminder as a relative time to “now”.
  • If you set a reminder for “right now”, we won’t automatically mark it as read just because you are already viewing that topic or task.