Update for Saturday, March 9 2019

Team Ryver Release Notes

What’s New

This update is mainly about finalizing our Custom Integration schema and APIs. There are also some bug fixes. Mobile updates will be coming, but we are working hard on a completely new ground-up mobile rewrite (native clients) that will go into early beta within the next few weeks. We are likely to introduce that mobile client in stages, starting with a simple chat-only client that can be installed side-by-side with the current “legacy” mobile client, and working towards full functionality in the new app.

Custom Integrations

  • The Custom Integrations now include both Inbound and Outbound webhooks.
  • The schema is in place for supporting custom slash commands in chat (UI coming soon).
  • There is now a single signing secret for the entire integration, rather than one per outbound webhook, and then needing more secrets as we introduce additional features.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where inviting existing users to a team would sometimes result in them not showing up in the team roster until after doing a client refresh.
  • When entering the Assignee field for Add/Edit task, you should now see a list of available users, rather than have to start typing a name first.
  • Fixed issue where copying a task with checklist items, and then editing the checklist, you would suddenly see duplicate entries.