Update for Sunday, August 11 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

This maintenance update was primarily done to implement a couple of systems updates to better handle large organizations (more than 10,000 users), and reduce any performance impact they might have on other customers. There are also a couple of client improvements/fixes:

  • Reminders – Resolved issue where reminders set for a specific date/time weren’t always working. Depending on the user’s time zone, the reminders would sometimes be set far into the future, rather than at the date and time specified.
  • Administrators – There is more specific control now for how long messages, topics and comments to remain editable after being created. You can also control whether or not users are allowed to delete tasks (note, with delete turned off, you can still archive the tasks). These settings can be found in Admin Settings > Permissions.
  • Topic Stream Filter – If you have enabled the Topic Stream in your left navigation bar from My Settings > Navigation, there is now a drop-down filter at the top where you can choose to only view the topics that you have created (across all of your forums, teams and direct messages).