Update on May 2, 2017

Team Ryver Release Notes

This update includes a few small improvements to the core Ryver product, but mostly involves putting the pieces in place to start our private beta of our new integrated Tasks product, which will be slowly rolled out over the next few weeks. Please note that the initial tasks beta is limited to a handful of organizations. We will base additional rollout speed on the initial feedback from those customers.

Admin Settings Improvements

Webhooks – Slack formatted incoming webhooks can now read formatting information from Slack “attachments”. Also, when managing your webhooks, you can now see the last error if you hover over the failed icon. We will continue to improve the way we provide information about successful and/or failed webhook calls.

Manage Users – You can now see the invite date for users who have not yet accepted their invite, and an indicator if their invite has expired and needs to be re-sent.