Update on May 30, 2017

Team Ryver Release Notes

This update mainly supports the next round of Ryver Tasks private beta. But there are also some core team communication improvements:

Team Communication:

  • You can now Archive Posts! Select the “Toggle Archived” action in the Ellipses menu for a post to Archive or Unarchive the post. In the ellipses menu up in the header at the top, you can toggle between viewing the “active” and “archived” posts. Once we apply the new UI components to posts that are being used in our Tasks beta, these “toggle” menu items will become aware of the current state and provide you with more explicit naming.
  • Print Post (from Google Chrome): For people using Google Chrome, there is a new experimental feature that allows you to print out a post. We’d love to hear feedback on this feature.
  • File Download: When looking at files in the “Files’ sidebar for a team, forum or user, there is now a “Download File” option, rather than having to open the file in a browser tab and then choose to download.
  • Webhooks: Added support for liquid template “break” and “continue” commands.

Tasks Beta:

Lots of changes here. We will post a document with full details within the next 24 hours and link it here, prior to rolling out tasks to the next set of beta customers. Some of the bigger improvements:

  • Personal Tasks is now available. You’ll find a Tasks tab for your own User record under Direct Messages, and in the nav bar menu when clicking on your username at the bottom.
  • Tags: You can now explicitly define a set of tags for each team, and colorize the background, text and border for when the tags are displayed. These tags will show up below the tags field on Create Task, so you can just point and click to select them. You will also see tag auto-complete in chat for these defined tags, as soon as you type #.