Update for October 27, 2017

Team Ryver Release Notes

Well, that was fun. We left the update in a “Draft” for 4 days. Sorry about that!

UI Updates:

  • New look and feel for login, password reset, new user profile, and loading screens.
  • New users are given proper links to privacy policy and terms of service, with checkbox to accept.
  • Mobile app updates to match are on the way soon…
  • Giphy lookup in last tab of Emoji pop-up dialog now shows the GIF previews a little bigger

Bug fixes:

  • Solved issue where Post Stream disappeared if somebody linked to a post in another team that you don’t have access to.
  • Fixed issue with Slack Import if messages come in somehow without an author.
  • Decreased initial file load size by 5MB, which should improve load time with slower connections.
  • If you change a task checklist about the same time somebody else does, it should no longer fail to save.