Notifications and Alerts overview

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Notifications and Alerts in Ryver

Ryver has a notification system designed to inform you of new content that you have expressed interest in, or alert you when another user is trying to communicate directly with you. Ryver uses a combination of proper “Notifications” that show up on the NOTIFICATIONS tab, and “Alerts” that take the form of in-app visual queues, or sounds when you have the desktop app minimized, or are on a different browser tab.

Note: Coming up with a default set of notification rules is always a balance between making sure you are aware of what is going on vs. trying not to irritate you with constant alerts. We understand that we cannot come up with default rules that apply to everybody’s preferences, and are actively working on new user preferences so that each user can control what they are notified of, and the manner in which those notifications take place (email, push notifications, etc.).

Team/Forum Notifications and alerts

There are two settings for each Team or Forum you join that impact the way you receive notifications or in-app alerts:

Forum Menu    Forum Notification Settings

Notifications are ON/OFF:

If you turn Notifications ON, we will notify you in your NOTIFICATIONS tab every time there is a new post or comment for that team/forum. If you turn Notifications OFF, we will not auto-notify you of all new posts/comments, but you will still get notified of new comments on a post that you have created or commented on.

If you don’t want to get notifications anymore for a particular post, there is a Bell icon in the post action bar that you can turn off:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.21.17 AM

Note: We default Notifications to ON for any Private Team you are added to, but we default it to OFF for Open Forums. We did this because members have access to all forums, and we wanted to let users decide for themselves which ones they are most interested in.

In-app Alerts are ON/OFF

If you turn in-app alerts ON for a forum/team that you have pinned in your navigation bar, we will pop-up a “noty” in the lower left corner, or bounce the Ryver desktop application dock icon (when Ryver isn’t the active app) whenever any chat message is posted. If you turn this setting OFF, we will only raise the noty or bounce the desktop app icon if you are @mentioned in a chat message.

Note: We will turn the pinned team/forum tab in your Ryver navigation bar yellow for all new chat messages, regardless of your in-app alert setting.

Notifications for @mentions

One other trigger for getting a notification in your NOTIFICATIONS tab is being @mentioned (somebody types @ plus your username) in a team/forum chat room.

Note: In addition to notifying your fellow users with @username, there are two group @mention shortcuts that can be used:

@team: Use @team in team/forum chat rooms to send a NOTIFICATION to all users on that team or forum. Please use this feature sparingly in forums, as you will be notifying all members in your organization.

@here: Use @here in team/forum chat rooms to notify just the users who are currently online in that chat room.

Direct Message Chat Notifications

If somebody sends you a 1:1 chat message in Ryver, we will alert you by pinning that user’s tab under the main USERS tab in the left navigation bar, move it to the top of the pinned users list, and turn that tab text yellow/bold. If your status in the application is “away” (orange), or if you are offline, we will send you a mobile push notification and/or email notification depending on your settings.

Offline Notifications

If you are not online and “available” (green) in Ryver, and you get a Direct Message, are @mentioned in team/forum chat, or receive a post/chat notification in the NOTIFICATIONS tab, we will send you a push notification on your Ryver mobile app device. If you have offline email notifications turned on in Settings, we will also send you an email notification.

Note: We do not send you offline notifications if there is a new chat message in a team/forum unless you are @mentioned. We have been getting requests for an option to turn on offline notifications for ALL messages for specified teams and forums, and are now looking into providing this feature.

Desktop App “Alerts”

If you are using the Ryver desktop app for Mac or Windows, and it is not the currently active application, we will alert you when you get a notification in the NOTIFICATIONS tab, or somebody sends you a Direct Message. You will see a bouncing Ryver icon in the Mac dock, or a flash in the Windows task bar. There is also a sound to go with the alert, which you can turn off in Settings.