Ryver Watch Service (news feeds and RSS integration)

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The Ryver “Watcher” is a service that will watch popular news sources and any custom RSS feed (you provide the URL). As new articles are are created in the news or RSS feed, previews of the articles are posted to the chat room of your team or forum. This new feature can be accessed from the Manage Team or Manage Forum dialog, under the “Watches” sub-tab:

When you click on ADD WATCH, there is a list of popular news sources for you to choose from. Or you can select “RSS” at the top and provide your own RSS feed for Ryver to watch:

Ryver will check your defined watches hourly (we may do more frequent checks in the future) and populate your chat room with articles as they come in:


Filtering a watch feed with keywords

Note that you can add keywords to your watch that will filter the incoming RSS/news feed by looking for your keywords in the article name and description. A few notes about keywords:

  • Each keyword must be separated by a space.
  • If you add more than one keyword, they will be “anded” together, meaning each keyword must exist in the article name or description. For example, adding the keywords smart car will look for articles that contain the word smart and the word car.
  • If you want to find articles that contain one keyword OR another keyword, you would create a separate watch for each keyword.

Integrate with Google Alerts!

You might be familiar with Google Alerts, but did you know you can configure your alerts to be delivered via RSS? By configuring your alerts for RSS, you can have Ryver watch for new articles and post them into your forum or team chat room! Here’s how to do it:

Create a Google Alert

Go to https://google.com/alerts and create a new alert:

Send to RSS instead of Email

Before you click on the Create Alert button, click on “Show options”, and select “RSS feed” as the Deliver to value.

Get the RSS URL and create a Ryver Watch

Right-click on the RSS button for your new Google Alert, and copy it. Use this URL to create a new RSS Watch in Ryver.