How do I format text in topics, tasks and chat?

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Update: We have added a LOT of additional formatting options, bringing Ryver very close to the github-flavored markdown spec. Within the Ryver app, you can see the formatting cheat sheet by clicking the Help button in toolbar on the Add Post view. We will look into adding a more accessible link within the application so that you can bring up the cheat sheet while you are chatting.

Ryver uses a simple formatting syntax for Topics, Task descriptions, Comments and Chats in Ryver. It is a subset of Markdown, a common way of styling text on the web. It provides plain text formatting that is easy to read and write, while also supporting reliable conversion to valid HTML.

Here is a guide for common text formatting options:

You Type:
      You Get:
# Heading 1

## Heading 2

 Heading 1

  Heading 2

_This is italic_       This is italic
**This is bold**       This is bold
> Block quote      | This is a block quote
~~Strikethrough~~       Strikethrough
* Bullet 1
* Bullet 2
  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
Auto-numbered bullets:
1. Bullet 1
1. Bullet 2
  1. Bullet 1
  2. Bullet 2
[a link](       a link
Pre-formatted text. For code, GitHub style coloring auto-applied.
func main() {
    // Pre-formatted text
func main() {
    // Pre-formatted text

Note: You can also embed an image by putting an Exclamation Mark in front of a Link to an image.

The following:

![Alternate Text](

Will become:




Adding a title or subject to a chat message

Topics in Ryver have separate Subject and Description fields, but a chat message is just a single block of text. However, you can use shift+enter to add a new line in a chat message. Combine that with some formatting and you can add your own title to the chat message:

Chat message title