Ryver User Guide (Collaboration Spaces)

User Guide: Collaboration Spaces

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Chat is for quick, ongoing conversations between Users.

  • Spur-of-the-moment discussions are perfect for Chat.
  • New Chat posts will appear at the bottom of the Chat box and older content will remain fully accessible in the Chat discussion.
    • NOTE: The most recent posts will load into Chat, but scrolling up will load in older posted content.
  • In Chat, Users can upload documents directly from their computer or through file hosting sites such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.
    • Select the Paperclip icon next to the Chat text input box to select the upload option.
  • Chat also has full support for emoticons and .gif motion graphics.


Topics are for specifically-focused conversations.

  • “Topics” are a great way to organize ongoing discussions about a particular subject.
    • Users are able to comment directly in a Topic, share files, and set reminders around it.
  • Chat comments can be turned into a Topic at any time by clicking the ellipses menu on any Chat message and selecting “Create Topic”.
    • Within the Create Topic options, Users can create topics from single message or selected multiple Chat messages to create a Topic from.
  • Topics do not expire and can be added to indefinitely, so Users will always be able to add more Chat and content to the discussion.
    • NOTE: Topics can be closed manually by Users in the ellipses menu for the topic.


Tasks are for turning conversations into action.

  • Tasks allow Users to keep track of and plan out the projects a team commits to by creating a list of individual Tasks.
  • Task benefits and functionality includes:
    • User assigned work for coordinating project management.
    • Relevant file sharing for quick and easy access to project specific files.
    • Direct communication within the Task to keep Chat focused on project and task work.
    • Reminders and due dates can be assigned to each Task to monitor and plan Task progress.
  • For a guide on Task management and creation, see our Quick Start Guide section on assigning and managing Tasks.
  • Tasks can be displayed in either Task List or as a Kanban task Board (like Trello).
  • Each Task is given a specific Task ID, which can be linked to in conversations by typing “#” immediately followed by your task’s ID number.


Calls are for talking with teammates via Voice and Video, including Screen Sharing.

  • Group Calls can be started and joined by any Member or Guest of a Forum or Team.
  • 1-on-1 Calls can be made with any User available in a User’s People list.
  • There is no actual limit on the number of Users who may join a call through the Ryver application, but generally, Ryver works best with groups under 5 users.
    • NOTE: More Users connected to the call will use up more bandwidth, so the only real limitation is the Users’ network connections.
  • Calls can be made from any Windows, Mac, or Linux device using both our Desktop and Mobile apps.