Creating Private Teams

Team Ryver Teams

Private Teams are where you communicate privately with groups of people in Ryver. Nobody can see that a team even exists unless they are invited to join. As with forums, a team might represent a department in your company, a project that needs to be completed, or even a topic of common interest such as a programming language or healthy eating.

Tip: In a team chat room, you can get the attention of the entire team by typing @team. If you want to just get the attention of the teammates who are currently online, type @here.

Any member can create a new team by clicking on the Teams tab in the left navigation bar, and then clicking the Create Team button in the Teams list toolbar.

  • Name: Give your team a friendly display name
  • Description: Add a description that will make it easy for people to understand the purpose of the team. Tip: Consider adding #hashtags to the description. Ryver supports searching by hashtag, just like you would do in apps like Twitter or Instagram.
  • Nickname: A short name for your team consisting of letters, numbers and underscores (no spaces). Prefix a nickname with + in a chat room to provide a link that others can click on.
  • Avatar: Consider adding an avatar such as a logo, to give your team an easy to recognize identity.

Inviting Teammates

Once you save your team, you will see the TEAMMATES side panel for that team. There, you can invite users to join that team. Only invited teammates will be able to access the team!

Read more about how to invite teammates.