How do I add teammates to a Team?

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 Inviting Teammates

Once you create a team, you will be taken to the TEAMMATES tab for that team. There, you can invite users to be teammates. Only invited teammates will be able to access the team!

  • Add Teammates: Use the Add Teammates button on the TEAMMATES side panel (accessible from the Ellipses button in the header bar for your Private Team) to select exactly which users you want to have on the team. You can also use this button to add guests to an “auto-invite” team.
    • Select available users: You can select from a list of existing users (members and guests) to add people to your team.
    • Invite new guests: We also provide a shortcut for inviting new guests into your Ryver account and adding them directly to the team. Simply type their email address in the space provided and click Add to include them on the Invite list.
    • Send Invites: Once you click Send Invites at the top of the view, we will immediately add any existing, selected users to the team, and we will send out email invites to any new guest email addresses you provided.