December 5, 2016 Update

Team Ryver Release Notes


Two new features (see below) have been added to the web and desktop clients in the December 5, 2016 update. Mobile updates will be pushed out in the coming week.

Nav Bar Favorites

You can now select a mix of forums, teams and users to display as sub-tabs under a FAVORITES heading. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of forums or teams, causing your more commonly accessed private teams or direct messages to be out of view and require scrolling.


There are two ways to mark a forum, team or user as a favorite.

  1. Use the ellipses button in the header to select “Add Favorite” from the drop down menu.
  2. When clicking on a user, forum or team link, click on the heart icon in the mini profile view.

Remove a favorite using the same methods shown above for adding. The menu item under the ellipses button will say “Unfavorite”. Selecting that option will return the pinned tab to its original section of OPEN FORUMS, PRIVATE TEAMS or DIRECT MESSAGES.

New Roster Side Panel

We have replaced the CHAT tab roster and the Teammates side panel with a single “Roster” side panel. The Roster panel is available from the Ellipses button in your forum or team header. You can now see the users who are joined to your forum or team whether you are on the CHAT or POSTS tab. Sort them by online presence, alphabet, or role (default). Use the arrows to the right of role titles to expand or collapse sections.

Note: Sorting by role will still show users sorted by presence (online at the top) within each section.

Team Admins – Manage teammates in the Roster panel just as you did previously in the Teammates panel.