November 11, 2016 Update

Team Ryver Release Notes

This is a follow-up on last weeks update with a few fixes and, unfortunately, the removal of a feature:

Attention Admins: We have removed the ability to set a custom invite message in this release. Unfortunately, a side effect of the Ryver service becoming much more popular over the past couple of months is the sudden use of our free service + custom invites to send out large amounts of SPAM. This is likely why you only see the ability to set a custom message in the paying version of competing products. We are looking at options to catch this type of abuse as we would like to be able to offer this handy feature to customers.

Fixes and Features

  • In Admin Settings, re-enabled Delete User for users who have not accepted their invite.
  • Fixed issue in client where deletion of a Forum, Team or User could cause problems with other tabs failing to load properly.
  • Cleaned up a couple of UI issues in My Settings related to changing email or password.

We also added an Edit button to Forum, Team and User profile tabs, so you don’t have to seek out the edit option in the ellipses button.