Desktop app update v1.1.7 and v1.1.8

Team Ryver apps, Release Notes

There is a new version of the Ryver desktop app available on the downloads page. We know that manual updates are a pain, and we started working on an auto-update notification feature for our next release. Note: The Desktop App version number can be found under the top Help menu when you click “About”.

What’s New

V1.1.8 (Hot Fix)

Version 1.1.8 addresses two issues in 1.1.7

  • When you added a new Organization in 1.1.7, it wasn’t being remembered after restarting the app.
  • We fixed the issue where zooming in or out using Ctrl+ and Ctrl- would cause rendering issues.


Accounts are now Organizations – The use of the term “account” to refer to your organization’s Ryver implementation was causing some confusion, so we now just refer to them as organziations. You’ll see this on the login page and with the “organization” switcher side bar.

Mac Notification Center and Windows Action Center – We now have support for the Mac desktop notification center, and partial support for the Windows 10 action center. For Windows, you will see the banner slide in over the top of your other applications when there is something new. But once the notification fades away, it will disappear from the action center. We will be looking into a fix for this remaining Windows issue.

Better Do Not Disturb support – If you change your status to Do Not Disturb, we will continue to prevent pop-ups, but we now show an indicator on the application icon that there is indeed new activity waiting.


  • Sometimes when starting up the app for the first time, the “Sign in…” dialog was not popping up, resulting in a blank application view. This shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • If there was an internet connectivity problem on start-up, the app was just showing a blank white view and required a “Reload”. It will now attempt to show what the problem is and provide a button to try again.
  • If one or more of your organizations become completely disconnected (red bar at the top of the app) while the application is minimized or in the background, a notification is now raised to let you know that manual intervention is required.
  • Fixed issue where a touch-screen laptop would cause the app to display in tablet mode. We now force the desktop app into desktop mode.
  • We now change you to “away” after 5 minutes of inactivity on your computer, rather than wait 15 minutes. (There were lots of complaints about it taking too long to start getting push notifications after walking away from your desktop)
  • The application now forces cleanup of unused memory periodically.