February 3, 2017 update

Team Ryver Release Notes

February 3, 2017 8:00pm PST

A few fixes from our big upgrade last week:

  • Invite Teammates link in the chat room welcome message for Private Teams wasn’t working.
  • Clicking on a notification that a new Open Forum was created would sometimes give a “Not found” message.
  • You can now change the original organization Admin to a “Member” user.
  • Fixed issue where desktop client was showing desktop notifications even if you were in DND mode.

And if you hadn’t refreshed/reloaded your Ryver client since last week’s update, you will now see:

  • My Settings > Preferences > Navigation option to revert to a dark nav bar rather than using the new light themed one.
  • Some improvements to the way Incoming Webhook chat messages display the “from” name and avatar, including fixes for promoted transcripts and reply quotes.

Note: We got some reports of “flashing” presence icons after the upgrade. An adjustment was made to the chat server on Saturday morning, the 4th, that we believe has addressed this issue. If your Ryver client was connected during this brief adjustment, you may have received a 502 Bad Gateway error message.