Notifications and Alerts overview

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In-app Alerts and Notifications

New Chat Messages

If you have used other group chat applications, the basic concept of highlighting “channels” that have new messages is probably familiar to you. Ryver works the same way, with the different channel types being Open Forums, Private Teams, and Direct Messages. Look for the bold text and orange bubble for any of these channels that you have pinned in your navigation bar. This means there are new chat messages since the last time you clicked on that tab:


Ryver offers more than just chat for your team communications. There are Topics and Tasks as well. And you might want to be notified of comments on those things, or when a task is moved or completed. We also want to make sure you don’t miss it when somebody @mentions you in a chat message. All of these things are consolidated in a special Notifications view, accessible from the navigation bar. See Configuring Team/Forum Notifications below for more on controlling which events cause a notification.

Configuring Team/Forum Notifications

When you navigate to a team or forum, you can modify your notifications preferences by clicking on the Ellipses button at the top, and then selecting Notifications. This will bring up the Notifications dialog for that channel:

Mobile push notifications for chat messages:

The original default for Ryver teams and forums was to only be notified of chat messages if you are @mentioned, or somebody uses @team. However, we recently changed the default for new users so that you get notified of ALL chat messages in forums and teams. You can override this setting for each team/forum.

Four notification levels for Topics:

New topic created: If you select this option, Ryver will notify you when a new topic is added, but you will not be automatically subscribed to the new topic, so you will not be notified of replies unless you start participating in that topic.

New topic and all replies (auto-subscribe): This setting will also notify you of newly created topics, but it additionally subscribes you to the new topic so that you are notified of any replies added to the topic by other users.

Only topics I’m participating in: What this means is that you will not be pro-actively notified that a new topic was created, or that any replies have been added. You can still become subscribed to any individual topic and receive notifications for it by creating a topic, replying to a topic, getting @mentioned by another user, or by clicking on the “Subscribe” menu option under the ellipses for a topic. These are all ways of participating in a topic.

Use default in My Settings: If you want your topic notifications preference to revert back to your default in My Settings > Notifications, you can select this option.

Four notification levels for Tasks:

The Tasks notification settings are similar to topics, as described above.

User Defaults for team/forum notifications:

You can set your defaults for the above team/forum notification settings by clicking on your username at the bottom of the left navigation bar, then choosing My Settings > Notifications.

Email and Push Notifications

If you are not online and “available” (green) in Ryver, we will send you a push notification on your Ryver mobile app device. If you have offline email notifications turned on in Settings, we will also send you an email notification.

Forcing push notifications:

Sometimes people want to get push notifications even if Ryver considers them “active” on their desktop computer. For example, maybe you don’t want to wait for 10 minutes after you walk away from your computer and Ryver considers you “away” before you get push notifications. You can force push notifications to always be sent to your mobile device even when you are online. Do this from My Settings > Notifications at the bottom of the General section:

Manually subscribing/unsubscribing to Topics and Tasks

Sometimes you might want to override your notifications settings for individual topics and tasks. For example, when you have topic notifications set to only notify you of topics you are participating in, but you see a topic that interests you and you want to be notified of new replies. Hover over a topic header and click on the ellipses to get to the Subscribe menu option. Tasks includes a similar option from the task detail view under “more actions…”.

To quickly unsubscribe from notifications for a topic or task, just look for the bell icon (indicating you are subscribed), and click on it:

Special @mention types

One trigger for getting a notification in your NOTIFICATIONS tab is being @mentioned (somebody types @ plus your username) in a team or forum chat room.

In addition to notifying your fellow users with @username, there are two group @mention shortcuts that can be used:

@team: Use @team in team/forum chat rooms to send a NOTIFICATION to all users on that team or forum. We recommend using this feature sparingly so as not to irritate your teammates.

@here: Use @here in team/forum chat rooms to notify just the users who are currently online in that chat room.


Not getting push notifications
Please note that if you are running Ryver on a computer and we consider you “active” on that machine, push notifications will not be sent by default. Please check to see if you are still active on a computer. You can also force push notifications even when you are online, as discussed in the Email and Push Notifications section above.

Also, if you logoff of the Ryver mobile app, that will unregister your phone from push notifications until you log in again.

Getting way too many push notifications

We now set the defaults for new users to be notified of everything that is happening, including all chat messages in forum and teams, all new topics and replies, and all team/forum tasks created and modified. You might want to dial back your user defaults to reduce notifications across all of your forums and teams, then edit the notifications settings for just your most important teams and forums to get more notifications for those.