Team Ryver Release Notes

What’s New

Please make sure you get the latest desktop clients, browser plugin and iOS client (iOS beta customers) here:

Native Apps and Browser Plugins 


ReminderIconDo you ever look through  your notifications and want to come back to a particular item to review later? Or just browsing the Post Stream and want to mark items for review? Now you can click the “string on a finger” icon for Posts and Comments and we will send you a reminder in your Notifications. Click the Settings button in notifications to change the Reminder wait time…our default is one hour.

Improved Global Search – Includes chat

When you use Search from the left nav bar, we now group the results by type, and chat is included!

Notification Settings

Click the Settings button on the Notifications view to not only access your global settings for notifications, but also see all of your teams and subscribe/unsubscribe from Post notifications there. Soon, we will be offering you more granular control over these notifications, not just on/off.

Android and iOS – Switch Accounts

You can now switch accounts in the mobile client! Click at the bottom of the nav bar to bring up the menu, and you’ll see the new Switch account… option below Logout.

Note: At this time, mobile account switching is purely a convenience feature, to avoid the logout/login process. Push notifications will only come to your phone for the most recently logged in account. We will continue to work on the mobile app and evaluate options for optimizing the notification process.

Known Issue: If you select the currently logged in account instead of switching to a different one, it will take you to the login screen with “[accountname] (current)” where just the account name should be. This will be fixed in the next update.