Team Ryver Release Notes

What’s New

You can download the latest desktop clients, browser plugin and Android client here (iOS is now on the App Store!):

Native Apps and Browser Plugins 

Features and Fixes

  • New formatting for Posts, with ability to switch between expanded/collapsed mode. In collapsed mode, we show how many comments are on the post.
  • New link icon button on Posts allows you to copy the Post URL and paste in a chat message or comment, providing an easy link with a preview for others. Note that this feature is currently only exposed on desktop browsers. Will be adding for mobile/tablet.
  • Changing avatars is now supported on touch devices (iOS app pending release from iTunes Store)
  • Fixes for Windows Edge Browser!
  • Updated the Invite email text, so when you invite new users, it tells them the Ryver account name.
  • Fixed issue where the emoji button would always add the emoji to the end of your comment instead of where your cursor was.