Team Ryver Release Notes

This is a smaller update with mostly bug fixes and UI tweaks. 

  • Fixed issue with Google Drive links not showing up in Posts and Comments
  • Moved post and chat search up into the toolbar, as it looked too much like a text box for writing your chat message or post
  • Added email format validation to the Invite Guest text box in Add Teammates view
  • Changed button text on  Add Post view from “Save” to “Post” per user feedback
  • Changed button for adding a comment from “Post” to “Reply”, again per user feedback

Check out the links to download our native apps! We refreshed them last week, and added a Linux client: Ryver Apps

Note: The iOS app update with the above changes will take about a week to reach the Apple app store, but the current build will work fine with this update. An updated Android app will be posted Friday, Sept. 24.