Team Ryver Release Notes

There are a number of interesting new features in this Ryver update. The corresponding mobile and desktop apps will be rolled out over the next day or two.

Eddy Bot 2.0!

We put a new brain into Eddy Bot. When you invite new users to your Ryver organization, they will now land on the Eddy Bot tab and be walked through creating their first chat message and navigating the application. You can also ask Eddy more questions now, and with this update in place, we will be able to continue Eddy’s learning process.

Eddy Bot 2.0

Nav bar indicator for “Unread Messages”

Do you ever have new Direct Messages waiting for you, but you weren’t looking at your computer when they came in and the tabs are down below the visible portion of your app? We now pop up a blue indicator that there are pending unread messages above or below the visible area in the navigation bar.

Unread Messages

New messages in currently selected chat room

Similarly, if you have had the Ryver app minimized or in the background, you may not have noticed that there are new messages in the currently selected chat room when you re-activate the app. We now add the “New Messages” watermark to indicate any messages that came in while the app was inactive.

New Messages

Better handling of deleted chat messages with @mentions

If you get a notification about a chat message in a forum or team because you were @mentioned, or somebody used @team, but the chat message was then deleted, we will now show a more friendly message rather than raise an error.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Stay tuned for new mobile and desktop app builds within the next day or two, with some nice improvements.