Team Ryver Release Notes

This is a minor update to fix some customer-reported issues and provide a few usability enhancements


  • Note: We added the Google Hangout button (if you have that preference turned on) to the Team Profile pane, but as of Aug 8, there appears to be a problem on Google’s side with the Hangout Button script, so it is not showing up. A number of other developers have reported the same issue. We’ll be following this to find out if we need to change anything:!topic/hangouts/xb_bxd88H9Q
  • Resolved issue where certain emojis were causing chat messages to disappear.
  • No longer showing the blue “noty” in the nav bar when an incoming message is in the currently selected chat room.
  • For mobile, the pending app store updates will bring back the search function on the forum, team and direct message list views.
  • Ryver will now remember the state of the side panel (files, teammates, profile) for each forum or team.
  • When you create a new forum or team, we will no longer auto-generate a “welcome” post. Instead, we have a new welcome message that is displayed in the chat room. For the team admin, you will also see an “Invite Teammates” link.

Team welcome message