Ryver Task Manager and Bug Fixes

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Note: The updates discussed here have been pushed to the Ryver servers, but if you haven’t re-loaded your Ryver client recently, you’ll need to do so to see the changes. In a web browser, just refresh your Ryver browser tab. In the Ryver Desktop Client, select View > Reload from the top menu.

Ryver Task Manager

All three tiers of the team task manager are now available to any size Ryver organization! See details on our Task Manager Sneak Peek page.

Thank you to the many customers who responded to our release of the Ryver Task Manager last week. We listened to your feedback, and immediately decided to update our implementation of the Startup and Small Business tiers. We are no longer going to limit those packages based on organization size. Rather, any size organization can select any size task plan, and we will let you decide which of your users have access to team tasks (5 users for Startup and 15 users for Small Business). All of your users will still have access to personal tasks.

About the Free Trial: Implementing the new (more customer-friendly) approach on the Startup and Small Business plans might take us a few extra days. You can start your unlimited free trial now, worry free.  We will make sure your trial doesn’t expire while we test out our new pricing approach, and as soon as we are ready, we’ll enable the “Buy” button and let you know that it is ready.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes have been rolled out as well. So please refresh your client even if you don’t need to see the new task manager pricing updates.

  • Fixed issue where editing a chat message would cause a URL or image preview to disappear until after a refresh.
  • Solved issue where attaching an “encoded” URL would double-encode it and cause the link to not work. However, any existing broken links will need to be updated.
  • Selecting “full screen” mode from the video player on a video preview should no longer continuously load chat history in the background.