API: Invite users

Team Ryver API

The good news on the Ryver APIs is that we built the product from the ground-up to be API-based. Our client is a single-page JavaScript application, so all server communication is through our APIs. Our Zapier app is also written using our Web Service APIs.

The bad news is that we are still a few weeks out from having built-in webhook support, along with OAuth and API Token authentication. We have put off setting up a developer site until we have those things.

If you are ok with using Basic Authentication while we finish up our OAuth and API Token support, here are the details for inviting users via our APIs:

EXAMPLE: Invite a member to your Ryver account

Basic Auth. If desired, you could create a separate user that you just use for integrations, but you would need to add them to each Forum/Team you want to send a message to.

Note: Basic authorization takes “username:password”, but you need to convert that to Base64, which will look something like the example below.


    Content-Type: application/json
    Accept: application/json
    Authorization: Basic acVmZi1VwZXIlLg== (Just an example)



Note: Replace example with your Ryver account name.

JSON Payload:

You can also add people to teams or forums. You’ll need to know the team or forum IDs, which you can see by selecting a team and looking at the URL in your browser. The format of the “teams” property in the above payload would look like this if you invite them to specific teams or forums:

"teams":[{"id": 2, "role": "ROLE_TEAM_MEMBER"}, {"id": 3, "role": "ROLE_TEAM_MEMBER"}]

You can invite guests using the same API by indicating the “type” as “guest”. Note that Guests are never auto-added to any teams. You would need to specify that. The difference between Guests and Members is that Guests cannot create their own teams, and Guests can only see Users in the USERS list who share a Team with them. Members, on the other hand, can see ALL Members, whether they are on any of the same teams or not.