How do I pin a post to the top of my team or forum?

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To sticky a particular post to the top of a team or forum, you must have Admin or Team Admin rights. When adding a new post, the option to make a post “sticky” (the post will be the 1st post displayed) is at the bottom of the add post entry window: Click the checkbox and “Save”. The post will be pinned to …

I’m getting Account Locked during login. How do I get back in?

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If you enter a Password incorrectly into your Ryver Account login more than 5 times in a row, you will receive an”Account Locked” message for your User Account. To reset, simply move to the Ryver login page on any Ryver App or browser and click the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen. Example: (In a browser) If your Ryver account …

I don’t remember my Ryver Password, Username or Organization URL

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When you first signed up with Ryver you were sent a “Welcome to Ryver” email from Team Ryver. This email contains the URL link to your site, your Username and Organization Name. If you no longer have access to this information or believe you changed it, you can perform the following steps to recover your information. Forgot Password: On the Ryver …

Web browsers supported

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Supported Browsers Ryver officially supports Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers. Testing Our regular testing is done on the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox and Safari. For Windows, we test IE version 11 and Edge.

How to contact Ryver Tech Support for Help?

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If you’re having trouble with Ryver, have some feature requests, or would like to ask some questions, we are here to help you. Email You can also email your questions to us at We answer all emails within one business day. But we’re usually even faster than that. Ryver “Send Feedback” You can send in Feedback items from within your Ryver App. Choose …

Formatting Text in Chat, Topics, & Tasks

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Ryver uses a simple formatting syntax for Chat, Topics, Task descriptions, and Comments. It is a subset of Markdown, a common way of styling text on the web. It provides plain text formatting that is easy to read and write, while also supporting reliable conversion to valid HTML. TIP: Within the Ryver app, a formatting “cheat sheet” is accessible within …