Web browsers supported

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Supported Browsers Ryver officially supports Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers. Testing Our regular testing is done on the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox and Safari. For Windows, we test IE version 11 and Edge.

How to contact Ryver Tech Support for Help?

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If you’re having trouble with Ryver, have some feature requests, or would like to ask some questions, we are here to help you. Email You can also email your questions to us at support@ryver.com. We answer all emails within one business day. But we’re usually even faster than that. Ryver “Send Feedback” You can send in Feedback items from within your Ryver App. Choose …

How do I format text in topics, tasks and chat?

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Update: We have added a LOT of additional formatting options, bringing Ryver very close to the github-flavored markdown spec. Within the Ryver app, you can see the formatting cheat sheet by clicking the Help button in toolbar on the Add Post view. We will look into adding a more accessible link within the application so that you can bring up …