Mimi Dolan Release Notes

This is a UI and bug fix update.

The UI “feature” updates are all straight from our customer feedback requests. Thank you for helping us make the product better, and please check out to up-vote your favorite product ideas, or add your own!

New features:

  • There is now a Reply action on chat messages! Similar to what we’ve had on Comments, it will insert a block quote for you in the chat text box
  • Emoticons are 2 pixels larger to make them more easy to distinguish
  • There are now Counts next to the NavBar items (Open Forums, Private Teams and Direct Messages). These counts indicate the total available forums, teams and users, not the number that are pinned to the nav bar. We did this to hopefully get people to realize they can click on the main nav menu items to see the full list.
  • New Notifications and Reminders preferences under My Settings -> Preferences:
    • We have introduced  a number of sounds you can choose for your notification/alerts. Select from the dropdown and click the button on the left to preview the sound.
    • For post and comment Reminders, there is now an option to prompt for the reminder duration every time you create a new reminder. The default will be the value you set just above the checkbox.