Ryver Technical Guide (Developer APIs)

Ryver APIs Overview

Team Ryver API

UPDATE: Please go to https://api.ryver.com to see our latest developer documentation. Thanks!


Use Incoming Webhooks to create new chat messages or posts in Ryver just by sending a plain text or JSON payload to a URL over HTTPS. You can use markdown to format the messages to include tables and other rich display options.


Want to add a cool bot to your Ryver account that can watch for keywords in Forums and Teams and perform actions, or respond to direct requests? We built a Hubot adapter for Ryver that allows you to do all kinds of great things if you have a coder in-house to set it up.

Web Service APIs

Want to programmatically add chat messages and posts to a forum or team? Invite users from a web page? Create new teams or forums to match groups in your intranet? The entire Ryver client application runs locally and communicates to the Ryver servers through a Web Service API based on the open OData.org protocol. If you run Ryver in your browser, you can use the dev tools to see the corresponding API calls for each action you take.

Here are a couple of examples for using our Web Service APIs.

Are there others you would like us to document? Please let us know!

The Ryver Team