Update for Tuesday, June 26 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

Important Update: There was a problem after the upgrade, where the voice buttons weren’t showing up in Direct Messages. We pushed a fix to the servers, but you might need to do a View > Reload in the Ryver Desktop client, or refresh your browser tab.

This update contains two significant changes:

  1. We have enabled Voice Chat for all organizations. Please note that if you are using the Ryver desktop client, you need to be on at least version 1.3.1. More details can be found in this Voice Chat article. Mobile support for Voice Chat is in QA right now.
  2. Starting with this update, all new users will have their notifications defaulted to get notified of all new topics, tasks, comments, and chat messages. We will pop up a link to this Notifications Overview article in case they want to reduce their notifications. The idea is to make sure new users know about new content and are drawn into the app. This has been one of our most popular requests from Admins trying to get people to start using Ryver instead of email.

Note: We have another desktop client update coming soon, at which point we will expand out our Video/Screen-share Beta.