Update for Saturday, March 23 2019

Team Ryver Release Notes

System Updates We needed to perform this maintenance in order to upgrade our Redis servers, so that we can maintain reliability of the service. Custom Integrations With this update, our Custom Integrations with Outbound Webhook and Bot support are now in wide release. Please check out this article on Custom Integrations (Bots, Webhooks, API). Application Performance We discovered that users …

Custom Integrations (Bots, Webhooks, API)

Team Ryver Admin, API, Bots

As of the March 23, 2019 Ryver update, creating your own Ryver integrations should be done with “Custom Integrations”. Use Custom Integrations to: Create your own bot Create incoming our outbound webhooks Use the Ryver Rest APIs to query Ryver data or add content to Ryver Define more than one access token, with the option to expire the token on …

Update for Saturday, March 9 2019

Team Ryver Release Notes

What’s New This update is mainly about finalizing our Custom Integration schema and APIs. There are also some bug fixes. Mobile updates will be coming, but we are working hard on a completely new ground-up mobile rewrite (native clients) that will go into early beta within the next few weeks. We are likely to introduce that mobile client in stages, …

Custom Integrations

Team Ryver API

Ryver Custom Integrations Ryver has a robust set of Rest APIs for doing your own custom integrations. You can also use Inbound and Outbound Webhooks to integrate with other products and services. When creating content through an integration, that content needs to be associated with a Ryver “user”, which you define by creating a new “Custom Integration”. Note: As of …

Update for Saturday, December 8 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

This update contains a few bug fixes, but the primary purpose was to add new SAML features for Enterprise customers using Single Sign-on, and to introduce our new Integration/Bot support. Read about our new beta for Custom Integrations. This release also fixed an issue where a person would leave a forum, but still get @here mention notifications.

Ryver User Guide (Notifications)

User Guide: Notifications

Team Ryver Chat, Forums, Notifications, Settings, Teams

In-app Notifications New Chat Messages Ryver’s system of highlighting “channels” that have new messages is similar to most other team-communication platforms on the market. Ryver has 3 channel types that are Forums, Teams, and People. Bold text and a red bubble () next to any of these channel items (see below) means that there are new chat messages since the …

Update for Friday, September 28 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

This update includes the desktop rollout of one of our most popular user requests (mobile coming in a couple of days)… Mark chat message as unread There is now a “Mark Unread” action available for chat messages. Selecting this action will move your unread “watermark” line up above the currently selected message, and highlight the forum/team/user tab in the left …

Update for Monday, September 4 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

UI Refresh Please see our UI Refresh article for a full explanation of the new UI changes and why we made them. Outlook Users Email notifications should look better for Windows Outlook users. Please let us know if you are still having problems with these. Thanks! Check out our new Outlook add-in! It is available in the Office “store” now, …

UI Refresh

Team Ryver General, Release Notes

New look, same great functionality! Update: We have made the dark navigation bar with light theme option available again. Details at the bottom of this article. We have made a number of changes to the look and feel of Ryver! For those of you who are curious about this, we want to explain why we made these particular changes… Overall, customer …