Update for Saturday, May 5 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

Quickly add multiple tasks or checklist items When doing a “quick add” of a task, Ryver now looks for line feeds and will allow you to create multiple tasks at once. This is handy if you want to copy/paste a list from a document or spreadsheet. Copy multiple lines to your clipboard, and then paste them into the task Quick-add …

Update for Saturday, April 21 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

Smarter Notifications! We have completed the first of several efforts to improve the Ryver notification system. With this update, the Ryver client will recognize when you are in a Topic view, actively interacting with people. It will automatically mark reply notifications for that topic as read. No more completing a Topic discussion, only to look up and see a bunch …

Update for Friday, March 23 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

This release contains the following usability updates: Create Team/Forum Dialog Changes When you create a team (or forum) now, there are a few new convenience features in the create dialog. These are all optional, in case you just want to provide a team name and save. Invite users from the create dialog.  You can quickly add users to your new …

Ryver News Streaming

Team Ryver Admin, Forums, Integration, Settings, Teams

News Streaming (formerly named the “Watcher” tool) is a great way to monitor social media mentions, news articles, and RSS feed content right inside of Ryver. As new posts and articles are created in social media, the news, or RSS feeds, previews of the articles are posted to the Chat space in your designated Forum or Team. This feature can be accessed from …

Update for Monday, March 12 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes, Uncategorized

There are two significant new features in this update: Team/Forum admin settings with option to hide chat, topic and task tabs. A new simple integration to watch news sources and RSS feeds for articles and stream them to Ryver. If you are using the free edition of Ryver, you will notice that you have access to not only these new …

Update for Saturday, March 10 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

This is a systems update that should greatly increase the speed of scrolling back through chat history, and the speed of loading a chat @mention notification view. We will have a follow-up update on Monday with application functionality.

Update for Feb 23, 2018

Team Ryver API, Release Notes

This was purely a server update to support an upcoming change to our chat indexing that will greatly improve performance when scrolling through chat history. That follow-up update should be coming within a couple of weeks. Note: If you have written a Ryver Hubot adapter and are running that in your Ryver organization, you might need to restart your Hubot …

Update for Feb 2, 2018

Team Ryver Release Notes

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this maintenance update: Organization Owner Role: If you are the Organization owner, you can now hand off that owner role to another Admin from Admin Settings > Manage Users. When you select the Change Role action for a user, you will now see Owner as one of the options IF that user is already an …

Reactions, Emoji and Animated GIFs

Team Ryver Chat, General

Express Yourself! Ryver supports the use of emoji throughout the app. Reactions You can react to messages, topic replies, tasks and comments. Look for the smiley face button on the pop-up hover toolbar, or “Add Reaction” in the ellipses menu. Reactions are a great way to “vote” on task cards in a task board when you are collaborating and deciding …

Update for December 22, 2017

Team Ryver Release Notes

Tasks are now available in Forums, and there are new (more granular) Notifications options for teams and forums! Note that corresponding mobile updates will be rolled out separately, and there might be some delay getting iOS onto the app store with the Holidays. New Notifications Options When you open the Notifications dialog from the ellipses menu at the top of …